Pickleball Leagues

Drop-In League

Thursday League- 6:30-8 pm

Open to members and non-members in the month of May


Pickleball leagues are only open to members at this time.

Members may play in both Tuesday and Thursday leagues.

The price listed above is for the entirety of the league play. 

  Players must sign up for the entire session. There are no make-up dates. 

Sign up on your own or with family and friends. 


A self-rating will need to be provided at the time of sign-up.

 A-Good  B-Intermediate C-Just Learning

Each week you will play with each person on your court and turn in your scores. 

The following week's court assignments will be based on the prior week's results.

Wins and losses then tiebreakers determined by number of points won.

This will be competitive but lots of fun! Space is limited to 24 so sign up now via the

Court Reserve App or by calling 513-451-4233.