Western Athletic Club is committed to providing a safe and clean place for our members and guests. Western has always strived to provide a spotless facility, however, we are stepping up our game to provide the NEW CLEAN  . . . WESTERN CLEAN for your safety and our staffs’ safety!


We will be diligently cleaning and practicing social distancing to decrease the potential spread Covid-19.. If you are not feeling well, please stay home. Please wash your hands before and after you leave Western.











  • All Western members and guests will enter Western through the front door and exit through the side door located by the men’s locker room.

  • All Western members and guests who participate in Spinning and Group Fitness classes will enter through the doors on the upper walk-way and exit through the doors that lead to the Fitness Center.

  • All tennis players who play on courts 5-9 will enter through the upper walkway and leave through the lower corridor.


  • All staff will wear masks.

  • Touch points throughout the club will be cleaned continuously.

  • A protective barrier will be placed at the Point of Sale (POS) at the front desk.

  • We appreciate all members to make purchases with a credit card on file limiting the touch of cash and the credit card machine.

  • Markers will be placed in 6 ft. increments from the POS at the front desk and for the Group Fitness class entrance.

  • Check-in system will be moved—please walk on the left side of lobby bar area to bypass POS customers.

  • Towel service is discontinued—you can purchase a towel for $2.

  • Exercise mats will not be provided for Group Fitness classes—you can rent one for $3 if you forget your mat.

  • Free coffee will continue but will not be self-service.

  • Lower level water fountain is disconnected.

  • The men's sauna is temporarily closed. 

  • Please bring your own water bottle.

  • Showers are temporarily closed.

  • Cardio machines in the Fitness Center have been moved to comply with 6 ft. social distancing.

  • Nautilus machine use will require users to determine social distancing. If we feel this is not happening, we will shut down certain machines or take them out. This will be the same for the functional training areas.


  • Group Fitness Class sizes will be limited and will be first come first serve—markers on the floor will be placed for social distancing.

  • Tennis class sizes will be limited.

  • Demo tennis racquets and pickleball racquets will be for limited use. 

  • Before and after using any fitness equipment, member/guest must wipe down the equipment with wipes.