Jim and Bobbie Farley, Owners
Angela Farley Wilson, General Manager

Tennis has been Jim and Bobbie Farley’s passion since they gave each other tennis racquets as anniversary gifts in their early 30’s.  Neither had ever played tennis. They began playing during the tennis boom of the mid 70s fueled by American tennis stars Chrissie Evert and Jimmy Connors. Jim and Bobbie learned the sport playing with friends on public courts in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.  They exposed their daughters to tennis at the same time. Angela was 10.  Andrea started playing tennis a few years later at age 5.

Fast forward to the summer of 2004 and following over 30 years of playing tennis, volunteering in the tennis community and moving to Cincinnati in 1979, the Farley’s purchased Western, then known as “Western Racquet Club.” They wanted to share their passion for tennis with others.  Western had been listed for sale as either a tennis/fitness club or as a light warehouse facility. Over the past 16 years the Farleys’ have invested in the facility and kept it up to date to make it a vital part in the lives of many in the Western Hills suburbs. Many members call Western their second home. The community of people who support one another living a healthy lifestyle makes Western a special place for all ages. 

During this year of the pandemic, it is particularly timely to celebrate 16 years of the Farleys’ ownership of Western.  The Club is the kind of place they always wanted to have for people to feel safe and  encouraged while having fun with friends and pursuing a healthy lifestyle. They are thankful for all the current and past members who have been loyal supporters of Western and who have been a part of the Western Athletic Club community throughout the past 16 years!